S’AMUSE is a design brand founded by Vermont artist Sam Talbot-Kelly. I design accessories with heartfelt authorship, a flare for adventure in high quality and eco friendly materials. My designer bomber caps and ‘scoodie’ hoods are classics for you that I believe will last you a lifetime.   

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TO ARTEXPO NYC- come a few illustrations of my Blood Queen

 No one’s heart really looks like this silkscreen, but my imagination has it this way for now. Lately I have been curious about manipulating an image of mass and musculature such as the heart into something quite ethereal, diaphanous, fragile, present yet unnoticeable. The heart has violent strength, solid and forceful, always on track so… Read the full article…


  I started to fall for the monochromatic vibe when I became disenchanted with colors, colors that are bright were offensive to me, contrasting colors juxtaposed with one another seemed cheap and gaudy, colors in a variety of patterns were too pretty. When it came to decorating the walls in my house I just admitted… Read the full article…


Uniformity  in a team sport such as speed skating is absolutely key to successful performance. Without the right balance, the right push, the right angles, the right timing of when to lead, pass and follow, the right attitude and with the right technology which is their entire athletic uniform the winning edge becomes vulnerable to… Read the full article…