S’AMUSE is a design brand founded by Vermont artist Sam Talbot-Kelly. I design accessories with heartfelt authorship, a flare for adventure in high quality and eco friendly materials. My designer bomber caps and ‘scoodie’ hoods are classics for you that I believe will last you a lifetime.   

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 “Chantilly Lace” Hello baby yeah this is the Big Bopper speaking ha ha you sweet thing Do I what? will I what? oh baby you know what I like Chaintily lace and a pretty face and a pony tail hangin’ down A wiggle and a walk and a giggle and a talk made the world… Read the full article…


Got my cap n’ tee just preppin’  for a ride While the western world goes hype on motorbike aesthetics and design which can be fun by the way, the non-west motors with  utilitarian intentions. Needless to say both seem to be missing one key item. My bomber caps! Bombers and motorbikes are the quintessence of… Read the full article…

Guess the Garment

Lately I have been in the throes of deconstructing a particular kind of garment. I need this material for my next art installation this coming October 24th at Vermont College of Fine Arts in Montpelier, VT. Look closely at the following imagery and see if you can guess what the kind of garment is. For… Read the full article…