For some reason I have been drawn to the power of red in garments. It exudes boldness, vibrancy and being such a passionate color it invariably arouses some physiological response in the viewer. Seeing red anywhere on the body will inspire a head spin and make me wonder of the attempted courageousness  the person sporting the flare confidently has. IMG_1709

Clothing is often about self-enhancement. Sometimes our personalities want to blend in with the crowd and other times we want to jazz up our social circle and attract distinction. I have never seen two people wearing red together down the street. If anyone has please send in a picture to me,  Below is a hollywood actress wearing a red hat combo which as the artist I added to intensify the pose. Can you guess who she is? You will earn a free scoodie if you guess right!


On stage or behind the scenes



S’AMUSE scoodies here are made out of red tencel a bio degradable fabric that is super light and easy to wear.IMG_1710

Red headdress

Man with the Red Turban-1433, Jan Van Eyck

Now in Jan Van Eyck’s painting he is wearing what the French call a chaperon which is a kind of hooded head gear that evolved in style from the middle ages onwards. One can see the versatility there is in having a hood or in my case a S’AMUSE scoodie because you can wrap it up in a turban like manner as seen above. This is one of my favourite portraits and obviously nothing that I have ever done comes close to its greatness, but I like to think we can still see the ‘new’ over and over again in works of the great masters. This red is sensually rich like a deep burgundy wine, of velvet warmth and serious power…not easy to mix on a palette let alone express as fabric. Next time you want to wear red on your head maybe you will recall Jan Van Eyck or better yet on a lighter note my red tencel scoodies!

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