bombers on the bike

bikes and bombers

Got my cap n’ tee just preppin’  for a ride

T-shirt heart logo

a tee with my heart illustration silkscreened by hand

motorbike culture

motorbike and bombers

girl and motorbike

sleek, hi-fi motorama- but why the gun? We often associate ‘power and cool’ with popular high tech movies, one day we will evolve…

While the western world goes hype on motorbike aesthetics and design which can be fun by the way, the non-west motors with  utilitarian intentions. Needless to say both seem to be missing one key item. My bomber caps! Bombers and motorbikes are the quintessence of adventure. Only because I love my caps and think anyone can wear them. To be clear they are a luxury, mind you one that will last a long time, and they are also obviously not safe for highway driving.

mb 12

Got the denim blues

Dog meat is a healthy choice to eat

Dog meat has medicinal benefits according to the Chinese-

Now I love to try new things because I do consider myself full of adventure, but dog meat is stretching it. I eat meat and I am an animal lover, can’t do dog. Definitely a cultural difference.  Motoring across town with them? – why how else would you do that?

egg motorbike Viet Nam

My bombers have reached as far as the UK, but I wonder if Viet Nam would wear a bomber ?- a plus against urban noise!


World’s rarest motorbike

vintage bike with vintage bomber …hmm…definitely a possibility

motorbike travel no head gear

3 on a motorbike in Tehran

 Very focussed, all together , on a mission are they going to make it??? They would move faster with one of my bombers of course…


Viet Nam carriage

Both of these images are just darn impressive.


A balancing act

Think these forms above are being carried by a bicycle or a motorbike? Do you know what they are? (conical fishing baskets)


Women’s Micro-Financing world

Business as usual. These ladies are juggling many tasks between work with micro- financing initiatives, family and building a prosperous community. Motorbikes make their life a little more convenient and free. As the saying goes “My cap (hat) goes off to them. “


6 on a motorbike

In India having fun after attending the baths. Motorbikes tend to have that attitude.

taking a break with my bomber

S’AMUSE bombers and motorbikes

 S’AMUSE bombers are comfy, colorful and considerately kool.

For the sake of adventure and quality design how about giving them a try?

Visit www.samuse.bigcartel.com, SAMUSE on etsy.com or call to order 802.224.6878