Heads Dressed Up

headdress, janus head, quadruple head, peacemaker, sculpture, sequin head dress

This is the beginning of a head dress for an installation I am working on called “Open, Sesame”


"Open, Sesame" is an Installation I am working on fro the Florence Biennale. It has a long way to go yet.

This is a closer view of “Open, Sesame” for  the Florence Biennale. It has a long way to go yet.

Often the materials can dictate direction on works of art. In my case here and I have a long way to go yet of balancing this on a figure,  I got obsessed with applying sequins over styrofoam heads. Like a Janus head two faces are back to back while the other 2 halves intervene between the front and back.  In total there are 4 halves from two entire heads that are joined together by a chandelier covered in gold leaf and walnut ink. It combines both ritual, introversion and adornment which reminds me of the incredible African heads throughout history which equally inspires collections in contemporary fashion. Below is a head dress from http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/culdesac-and-studio-marisol


xculdesac-and-studio-marisol.jpeg.pagespeed.ic.AGgKitYK-aAbove we see humungous hair braids that take the head into extraordinary proportions.

Arnostyle is fabulous

The symmetry and balance of Arnostyle is beyond words. An inspiration to me for sure.

                                IN the image below are The Omo Valley People in Ethiopia ( http://boingboing.net/2008/02/25/africa-ethopia-beaut.html) who transform themselves with Nature as their material. Their headdresses are remarkably enticing and what makes them out of this world is the composure of these people. Absolutely fantastic!