Guess the Garment

guessing garments

Deconstructing garments

Lately I have been in the throes of deconstructing a particular kind of garment. I need this material for my next art installation this coming October 24th at Vermont College of Fine Arts in Montpelier, VT. Look closely at the following imagery and see if you can guess what the kind of garment is. For example is the fabric in the imagery coming from women’s lingerie? You need to be as specific as you can with your guess. If you guess correctly you win 50% off of a S’AMUSE scoodie purchase. Scoodies are a hat n’ scarf combo made with eco friendly materials, reversible and one of a kind. They can be seen here- scoodies.  I only have 32 scoodies left!


Textile Abstractions


Stacked against the odds

guess the garment

The art of deconstructing a garment-

Laying here for a reason…

Fabric cuts, straight edges, shifting lines, interrupting patterns, monochromatic tones…can you see what these fabrics reference?

Have fun guessing!