RADICAL DEATH- The Mushroom Burial Suit

Many of you have probably heard of the Mushroom Burial Suit conceived and invented by artist Jae Rhim Lee. It is brilliant and something to seriously think about. In fact I think I might have to re-write my will. If I believe humans as a species are intrinsically connected to the planet then I should eat my words around being responsible on how I leave this earth plane. Cremation is pretty toxic. But Can I forgo cremation? I love having the ashes of my parents, and I want my kids to have them of me. To decline on cremation the option of The Mushroom Burial Suit makes sense from an environmental perspective listen here…


Below is her experimentations of mushrooms that could decompose her nails, skin and hair which I believe are already outgrowths of biological waste we naturally eliminate.

MUSHROOMS live on and on and on and on

MUSHROOMS have this capacity to live on and on and on and on decomposing the world around us in a profound system of communication with co-habitors on this planet.

Mycelium Learning at the Edge says

The mycelium organism is the root system of mushrooms; an underground network that connects to the roots of plants and trees and distributes nutrients and information to support the health of the whole ecosystem. This adaptive, pro-health organism is a teacher for us as we ask, “How can humans more successfully interact with each other in ways that nourish ourselves, each other and the world.”  http://mycelium.is/about-us/


Mushroom suit


Well something to contemplate and imagine, right? Could you take this radical step? Perhaps in the meantime if we eat more mushrooms to boost our immune system an illumination will arrive.


suit at death





uniforms and uniformity

Uniformity  in a team sport such as speed skating is absolutely key to successful performance. Without the right balance, the right push, the right angles, the right timing of when to lead, pass and follow, the right attitude and with the right technology which is their entire athletic uniform the winning edge becomes vulnerable to a potential loss.


One singular option to move forward

Uniforms identify us. Shape, line and color of a second skin outline the body as perfect machinery to perform one task as a solid unit of energy.



a hungry glide 


Then there is the power of concentration-another kind of order in uniformity. Block out any distractions, or unnecessary doubts. Single-mindedness calls for airtight decision making while strategizing a flexible approach from any unpredictable glitch that tips the balance-  an understanding in synchronicity that I can’t even imagine.

hop skip and a jump

and with air


 However, the steps are learned, the mind practiced in winning, the body shaped and sculpted to fine impeccability, a dance no less than superb grace…

pursuit is the urge

PURSUIT is the urge


If we aren’t hungry in our gaming we won’t survive. No place for ambiguity only absolute clarity and determination. Then comes the knowing that you have it- the glee that is upon arrival…


grueling determination

Determined beyond 


 The flogging, sluggish and brutal reality of not giving up…

With all one's might

with all one’s might 


 and means finding one’s way back to that calling for harmony. There is unity of color, a triangular configuration in the variety of movements heading toward a common destination

In the groove of speed

In the groove of speed

 …where oneness has to be certain. Back to the groove and flow of togetherness…


Full Extension and balance of a moment

Full Extension and balance of a moment 


The strength needed to obtain full alignment, one’s every ounce and utter capacity of perfection.




The rhythm from every consequential moment to the next…


...and they're gone

and they’re gone 


WHOOSH! see ya…

fantastic form and purposeful exertion attained in one long musical phrase of physical bliss.