A series of works influenced by Cubism, linear perspective and Art Deco…more on my website and more of this style to come with the subject of a ROBE . Stay tuned.





This robotic installation is heading into its final stages of design…



Example of 3D printed Robotic hand I will use for this next installation VANITAS 2017



VANITAS 2017  

Below is imagery for my next robotic textiles installation titled VANITAS. I hope to get it done this year. I am collaborating with the robotics team leaders Joe Chase and Jim Dirmaier at Essex Tech High School in Essex, VT. This creative process has been exciting.

The interactive animatronic figure gives the viewer one of four beads that represent water, fungi, mineral and the plant kingdoms. To participate is a gamble as you don’t know which one you get. It is a poetic performance between human and a robotic machine.

You can visit the Robotics club here: www.facebook.com/FIRST-Tech-Challenge-3397-Essex-Robotics-Club-150636361693435/



Profile views of the animatronic figure






FUNGI- Stinkhorn mushroom, UNDER GARMENT STRUCTURE,  AND CRYSTAL IMAGERY- visual associations




Figure in 3 Dimensions







TEXTILE printing: Drawings that will be silkscreened onto fabrics- some here on acetate