The Blood Queen

The Blood Queen – (developing  stage) at Central Saint Martins, London, UK

My blog covers my research into the culture of dress, art, technology and science and where these interests converge.  Fashion and Costume is in an ongoing dialogue with history and contemporary life.  Sometimes they reflect art and sometimes art reveals the fashion or costume, either way clothing carries the potential of ideas.  Fashion is about clothes. Costume is about character. The system of clothing addresses our social agendas across the globe which continually change, and takes design into complex directions of communication.  Clothing affects everyone. With selected images I describe and interpret clothing on the human form, and analyze its behavior and power.  To follow this blog with me, it helps to see clothing as a language of metaphor rather than the literal. I think clothing today has enabled a peaceful co-existence of many identities. From an evolution of cultures continuously colliding and forwarding control, on a daily personal level fashion and costume traps us into considering our desires, anxieties, fantasies and the relentless unknown of living.