She always gives…

        The Red Blood Queen knows no bounds; alluring, wanting, longing and giving


        “OPEN, SESAME” – blood Queen at the Florence Biennale

                  The Blood Queen titled “OPEN, SESAME”

love knows all

Hi everyone,

With Mandela gone our spirit must continue his work for healthy prosperity, good will and justice for everyone. We will be mourning a long time for sure. Little to big experiences all matter and make us whole and filled within each of our communities. I know I am pretty proud to be a part of mine at home in Montpelier, Vt. Let’s keep sharing the love. I have some happy news to report- I received 5th place for my installation at the Florence Biennale. 450 artists, from all over the world exhibiting all over this beautiful city. Amazing! thanks to all the support of my donors and friends, I am truly blessed!

Below are several pics of the installation. I will post 2 videos of its robotic hand; an alluring feature of it asap. 1

the human heart

Award Winning Blood Queen Love