Where’s Winter?



If you live in Central Vermont you are probably wondering where winter is. It will come soon enough and S’AMUSE wants you to know you will be prepared for when it does arrive. We have THE aviator cap you have been waiting for…wait I know…my daughter here is bummed there is no snow on the ground.  We are doing our best to make the most of the sunshine, wet roads, outdoor soccer, and climbing trees.

soccer kick

It is pretty easy to order a cap all you have to do is head over to Etsy here https://www.etsy.com/shop/SAMUSE and order one. They come in olive, grey, hot red, deep cherry, denim blue, royal blue, caramel, and deep purple.

sienna's joke


sienna's spooked

Did you know they have organic velour interiors? they are reversible, and buckling is antique brass.

sienna in a tree

You can wear other hats under, hoodies over and they are convenient to throw into a small purse.

sienna monkey

Made locally in Vermont from friendly Italian leather yours will last you a lifetime.

All for $125!

It is best to order before December 15th on my Etsy site as shipping at this time of year is crazy.

Happy Holidays!




A girl lays back and takes flight into her inner world. I love this image of her wearing my S’AMUSE leather bomber caps because she is sleeping on top of the sky, an impossible moment in reality but the feeling is real. My daughter and I layed back on the snow today during our hike and the clouds were moving at great speed. We also saw a peculiar vertical rainbow as clouds and sun layered space in strange ways. Clouds aren’t welcoming weather usually however their soft billowy nature is a comforting feeling. This photo constructed by photographer/artist Hanna Agar alludes to this idea of taking flight into our imaginations, into our personal comfort zones, to experience SPACE of some kind intimately.

When was the last time you laid back and experienced sky and reflection?

Perhaps the plane below can take you out, up, towards and into space with its unusual propeller …It is a FAIRCHILD 71 at the Port Townsend  Aero Museum. Airplanes both terrify and thrill me…



Bomber caps are part of the sport of flying, I have some in a variety of colors. They are on sale now for $125. Visit my store at www.s-amuse.bigcartel.com . To taking flight in 2014- cheers!


ready when you are

Caps don’t come out of the blue- they are born from centuries of wear

S’AMUSE welcomes pertinent chatter. Tonight I am displaying a comparison of head wear. An OLD football helmet with my NEW aviator caps. However, notice how I am holding a football? I am about to play with my son who hassles me daily to throw, tackle, and punt even in the depths of winter. He happens to be sporting a gladiator design. He is more like Hamlet than a gladiator tho…clearly spry and cunning, thoughtful and amused…


A Toss Up

helmut study

Football Helmet Study

red bomber caps

Ready When You Are