The Holy Trinity- Part 3. Taking ‘it’ to heart can suck for a while…

Heart Connections


Brain can rule the heart

Between the heart and Brain- The Foolish Heart by the Awkward Yeti

Every week day morning I have the opportunity to walk my kids to school which has become a welcoming ritual in my world.  We talk about the unfolding events and activities of the day, who is doing what and so forth.  Currently we have two days left of the school year which you would think my kids would be super happy about, but this morning unexpectedly my son was in a bad mood. I don’t know what caused him to be mean to his sister, other than it had to be he was hurting inside. Sometimes our hearts and brains around situations are at total odds. We know we can’t live under the sole guidance of the heart. We need the smarts of reason to cooperate. On a bad day such as my son’s this morning, it was evident his brain’s ‘critic’ or ‘protector’ was engaged against his sister and out to fire enough ammunition to burn a city down.  What a way to ruin the bubbly self in his sister that loves life innocently says gullible mama.  He isn’t always the ‘critic’, like all of us he is guilty of big heart loving and obviously his sister provoked him to get him into a wounding mood. The point is we all act in this play  ‘Between Good Heart and Negative Brain’ daily  and we do it because we enter the zone of vulnerability. It can suck.

Now I am not a therapist, or a self-help guru on how to overcome vulnerability. I know we can meditate, drink Oprah’s soothing tea recipes, eat lots of vegetables (apparently two pounds daily to prevent cancer), exercise, travel and perhaps we reach equanimity. Even if I do follow the right regimen I am still a little empty. What I realize is if I delve deeper into the quasi inventive characters we are, I can begin to see differently. Humans are blessed with creativity and I am not talking about the reproductive kind altho that too I suppose. From active creativity comes positivity and connection. I think the remedy that cures all is having a sense of wonder as we flow thru our orbits. Try this once and you might get hooked. Let wonder lead the way in your day from one moment to the next. To be caught by the unexpected or the inexplicable is profoundly liberating. First, you could start with this video on The Helical Heart which unravels the construction of the human heart. . It will blow you away.


#2.  Dwell on this fantastic Macramé dress to see the intricate symmetry of human craft encase and drape where complexity is trapped in and outside the body. Where is the solid form anyway?

red is the heart is a dress

The Red dress drips


#3. Let’s take on those bad thoughts and feel the heat of fire burn them to ashes…

Red Fire Dress

Red heart Fire dress- Alexander McQueen

#4. Let’s look at our biological systems that keep us flowing and grounded on the earth. Our body is often said to be a machine well, it is also pretty darn mysterious like any scientist or mystic will tell you. Jean Paul Gauthier’s body suit below is an intense reminder of the hidden layers of connectivity.

veins and cloth-Gauthier


Let’s go back to the 80’s and visit Jana Sterbak’s Meat Dress titled Vanitas. Here we can watch meat age much like we do, from raw innocence to curing wisdom.

The Flesh dress


“Ah! The Vanity of it All”…might perhaps lead us down the path of meaninglessness but one thing is clear while our hearts are built around perfect symmetry like that which is hidden in natural structures they also contain the seeds of self-mastery. We can chose to feel the beauty that continuously pervades us inside and outside the human hemisphere, the natural law of the cosmos or we can be burned by that nasty magistrate who destroys from the wounded self. The truth is our heart always wins with love. Second last day of school maybe my son will come around…

















A LOVE STORY based on the Human Heart


BEATLES in 1962.

PUMP MAGIC- some research in the flow

Interior mapping of the body

Interior mapping of the body


The drawing below came from looking at Mike Chamberlain’s metal sculptures. I am searching for form. The following images here bounce around in a non-sequential order.




Tentacles and feelers starting to span out…extending and unending…

Chamberlain sculpture with heart collage

Chamberlain sculpture with heart collage

Above is a cut out of a metal junk Chamberlain sculpture with a collaged heart in its upper region.

I started some visual research for constructing my sculpture that is going to the Florence Biennale. I started these at Central Saint Martins a few weeks agO. They are all fairly abstract and pull from different matter. It is interesting to discover how much editing and experimenting is required before one nails the right direction. The flow is pumping and I shall get there. Chamberlain’s work has this wonderful way of being both abstract and figurative at the same time. The compression of metal makes me think of the compression of innards and junk we all have in our body, yet through this crazy corporeal architecture our heart beats away.

My heart  project is titled “OPEN SESAME” the phrase from Alibaba and the 40 Thieves…I am drawn to this because  our hearts open when we speak to our inner treasures, which is an individual response to who we are. I think it is worth reflecting on what opens our inner world up, especially since the heart has many chambers…






I am actually more intrigued by hearing some of your heart stories and experiences whether they are scary, sad or joyful. Sometimes I think we really feel from our hearts when a drastic crisis hits and less so from when we are aroused by beauty in some way. Where do we feel in our body when joy happens? Must be a word for that …’Pump magic’ – when the heart speaks…





OPEN SESAME- Florence, Italy project this winter’13

A work in progress that references the power of the heart.

A work in progress that references the power of the heart.

Recently I was in London, UK studying at Central Saint Martins. I took a course called CUTTING EDGE DESIGN which involved constructing a wearable conceptual garment from a dress form to then a person/model. It was challenging, we were encouraged to be ambitious and original and I made a great start. My project for this course is about the mystery of the human heart as an incredible engine that beats like a drum incessantly until we pass into another form, life or state of being. I am not only intrigued by the heart’s  relentless charge as a pumping mechanism,  but also how it balances with instability when compromised from the thrust of power through the hearts chambers. We contain and control an immense amount of apparent chaos and flow throughout our bodies. I think scientific research needs to view the heart as more than a device of suction and pressure and more as a kind of brain that responds to who we are as emotional and spiritual centers. After all it is in the central area of our upper body. And perhaps science does more than I know. But my current impression is that we keep trying to find emotional connectivity to living in our ‘brains’ instead. My perception and thinking might be medieval I admit but  I will research more and fill you in. Still one must admit as a species of Nature we are remarkably strong and delicate at the same time.

"OPEN SESAME"- a project about the 'oozing of the heart'.

“OPEN SESAME”- a project about the ‘oozing of the heart’.

The Red fabric here explodes and flows like a gushing river of blood
The Red fabric here explodes and flows like a gushing river of blood


Exploring fabric and concept in a wearable garment

Exploring fabric and concept in a wearable garment

This has a long way to go as my research deepens and expands on the magnificence of the human heart and our visual form. Like all projects that have to travel, in my case to the Florence Biennale, expenses accumulate which calls for fundraising this fall. In my next post I will share some of my drawing research and process of construction. STAY TUNED!