‘Not Impressed’

The interpretation of these images are a reflection on the creative process and what their expressions elicit. Hannah and Zoe are in a temporary zone, not interested in engaging in anything outside their world. Their group aura is impenetrable, tight yet flexible and supportive among each other. The Four dancers in this post are wearing costume design by S’AMUSE- aka Sam TK. Bomber caps and scoodies are for sale on store site


‘Bring it On’

Strong, malleable and have an instinctive nature for composition in space.


Circling by extension, A Pol’sh Move

Time to extend out to find new ground and listen to their creative process on how to move forward…expansion from a core.

entering cohesion

Contraction of Ideas

and contraction, new possibilities happen ‘on point’ and at very specific moments in time…


Timing is both serendipitous and inwardly vigilant

Ari prepping and gathering strength from a huge well of energy.


Reverie is Bliss

Thoughtful, taking a break gazing at the scenery out the window of the fantastic building called The Blanchard Building in Barre, VT. Their private reverie is telling of ┬áthe wisdom that comes from spending time alone and being with the unknown. There is a great amount of satisfaction that comes from risking and developing a relationship to the unknown…we are all in the same boat. See video by Lars Hasselblad Torres of these dancers wearing S’AMUSE.

ready when you are

Caps don’t come out of the blue- they are born from centuries of wear

S’AMUSE welcomes pertinent chatter. Tonight I am displaying a comparison of head wear. An OLD football helmet with my NEW aviator caps. However, notice how I am holding a football? I am about to play with my son who hassles me daily to throw, tackle, and punt even in the depths of winter. He happens to be sporting a gladiator design. He is more like Hamlet than a gladiator tho…clearly spry and cunning, thoughtful and amused…


A Toss Up

helmut study

Football Helmet Study

red bomber caps

Ready When You Are