THE HOLY TRINITY- Tea, Hearts and the Impulsive Dendrite. Part one: TEA




ok I will break it down, it is a long shot, fair enough…and in case you feel like you jumped way too far out of the box, just return to the image above and all will calm.

 So in all seriousness this is what we look like when we are having tea, just wanted to clarify that first, so we are all on the same track. Male or female here we are, excited to have a cuppa. You can imagine what we would look like if we fused the next 2 photos because deep down on an energetic level we are both both male and female, right?…I don’t want to exclude any gender possibility and of course the human species is much more diverse than this, thank goodness.


we have come a long way eh?


and while we goofy sip our own, Japan has been serving tea informally and formally as an art form of performance and perfect presentation since the 4th century. To them we are to meditate upon the movement, gesture and the pouring as significant choreography initiated from one’s heart with the cosmos.  17th century found the Brits drinking plenty of tea thanks to China.

Zen buddhism and the art of tea

The way of tea

 Indeed most of my imagery has little sacred tone, we know ‘having tea’ is a ritual around the world.  Am I about to popularize the sacred?  ok just for a moment, let me indulge. Having ‘tea’ is soooooo vogue when it comes to celebrating birthdays to selling cars to holding a business meeting between companies. See for yourself here.


 Do as the Queen in purple…I would love to see her wardrobe of so many colors!

Queen Elizabeth sipping Tea

And we need not entertain the The Tea Act of 1773 by the British Parliament.  I would rather get back to reality.

tea and reality

… up close and personal, the physical touch, the lightness and rough textures crumbling between our fingers

tea craze

Floral Tea Pile

     Floral tea – you can smell it just by looking at it and the heart knows every aroma from millenniums before.

flower teas

 Perhaps you can imagine where the impulsive dendrites to this HOLY TRINITY of tea, and the heart might come in. The images above will takes us from the exteriors of tea, of visceral shapes and textures to the stimulation and relaxation within the body where we will visit the nerve current traveling along the dendrite axis. Dendrites rule! They communicate and process in the cellular world of our body.

Until then I hope your next cup is heavenly.

Mount Fuji and tea harvesters

Japanese tea harvesting



TO ARTEXPO NYC- come a few illustrations of my Blood Queen

silkscreen heart and layered

silkscreen heart on deep dark organza in front of a wine leather background

 No one’s heart really looks like this silkscreen, but my imagination has it this way for now. Lately I have been curious about manipulating an image of mass and musculature such as the heart into something quite ethereal, diaphanous, fragile, present yet unnoticeable. The heart has violent strength, solid and forceful, always on track so to present it as a veil of oddly connecting fibrous nerve and vessel endings flowing into the awkward ‘next’ does seem contrary to the perfect system it abides by. I am not a heart expert obviously, I approach ideas and life from a philosophical possibility, from instincts, research and a deep need to make something happen. While I am forever a sucker to figure and re-configure why I am living, a narcissistic habit that grounds me with the absurd, I am also quite taken about the amazing regularity, ordering and systematic tendencies our bodies perform and need. At dinner tonight my son, a fifth grader reviewed and explained our human biology: all the traps, tunnels, nasty liquids and bulbous solids …well Mom…the human species has it all going on…

"tea anyone?" asks the Blood Queen

The Blood Queen oozes, unravels and spills onto you and like a new blend of tea offers another savory moment

 The Royal Albert tea cups I used in my Open Sesame installation were the conjuror of these illustrations. Tea cups are ‘muy elegante’, they are divine vessels that carry the elixir of soothing temptations  and heart filling comfort. Tea with others or tea alone, having tea is dream time, surreal tranquility.

Having tea is anything but comforting

Flying tea cups buzz away like a centrifugal force, Open Sesame is opening…

Around 3 pm its time for a cuppa. An indulging flight towards sweet ecstasy…



Golden gestures, ornamental cover, text fused and worn

The tea ritual is very personal and yet we all know  it is also a communal and aesthetic performance; a collaboration with the cosmos. It is an art form to be respected by many cultures and one that I have grown up with in Anglo/Irish tradition. These last two mixed-media works present the tea cup in informal ways; they lack stability, order and predictability and flow in an odd rhythm. In the final illustration the floating topsy turvy cups have lost detail and their identity unlike the previous. There is something disconcerting about them but I shall resist having tea with the Mad Hatter for now and rest my appetite from the nonsensical.


alice in wonderland

tim burton- Alice in Wonderland

THE BLOOD QUEEN’S development



Central Saint Martins- Cutting Edge Design

The following images are the preliminary research for the final Open Sesame piece. I was experimenting with calico through surface and form to see how it could convey ‘innerd’ like qualities.


IMG_0915IMG_0920IMG_0900IMG_0905IMG_0925IMG_0951IMG_0966IMG_0981IMG_0976IMG_0971IMG_0936IMG_0961IMG_0956IMG_0946IMG_0941Gross Clinic AT-1


This is a painting by Thomas Eakins titled The Gross Clinic done in 1875.,_American_-_Portrait_of_Dr._Samuel_D._Gross_(The_Gross_Clinic)_-_Google_Art_Project.jpg

Check out the intensity on Dr.Gross’s face. He is in this performative moment between life and death, a pause on the gravity of this situation and the responsibility he has in forwarding this particular surgery successfully. He is teaching his students around him about surgery and in this case his patient has a bone marrow infection. With his skills and tools he can prevent gangrene and amputation. This is medical advancement.  Thomas Eakins is promoting the rise of the surgeon and new surgical procedures. The female figure counterbalances the weight of this serious moment that Dr. Gross stands for. She represents  the emotional  side of  this precarious moment. The expression of Dr. Gross is very much an embrace of both reason and emotion. We are not clear what he is thinking whether it is doubt or control. Or maybe it is clear to you the viewer?

How does this relate to my project OPEN SESAME?

Well watching my mum pass from our earthly realm to that which isn’t, the passage was in her consciousness, her body followed and was synchronizing with the process of ‘letting go’. Her moments of doubt and discomfort were part of the process. It was an incredible orchestration without control and more about TRUST. Open Sesame is about finding that comfort and support in the relationship between how/what we control or acquire and that which we are better off letting go and trusting to unfold in time. Our actions set forth a reality unique to us that time and the rest of the world has to absorb and respond to. We have to get attached to one another, we have to feel, we have to obsess, we have to probe into matter and doing this involves every ounce of our body, brain, guts and heart. This is our point, no?  The art of living really comes from trusting ourselves; our passions and interests, trusting that which we can’t control… letting go and trusting the outcomes of what we roll into motion for the world to see and experience.

She always gives…

        The Red Blood Queen knows no bounds; alluring, wanting, longing and giving


        “OPEN, SESAME” – blood Queen at the Florence Biennale

                  The Blood Queen titled “OPEN, SESAME”

love knows all

Hi everyone,

With Mandela gone our spirit must continue his work for healthy prosperity, good will and justice for everyone. We will be mourning a long time for sure. Little to big experiences all matter and make us whole and filled within each of our communities. I know I am pretty proud to be a part of mine at home in Montpelier, Vt. Let’s keep sharing the love. I have some happy news to report- I received 5th place for my installation at the Florence Biennale. 450 artists, from all over the world exhibiting all over this beautiful city. Amazing! thanks to all the support of my donors and friends, I am truly blessed!

Below are several pics of the installation. I will post 2 videos of its robotic hand; an alluring feature of it asap. 1

the human heart

Award Winning Blood Queen Love




A view of the back, dyed calico, designed collar-vest, and chain links that are still unfinished.

pen Sesame- back side view

Open Sesame- back side view. The tulle shirt here is so fine.

Open Sesame- sheer layer
Open Sesame- sheer layer of tulle with top or 4th layer of Jacquard vest





Chain Links-start

a close- up of Chain Links- a start and will add more over the course of the week





Hi Everyone,

I am on a mission to celebrate the human heart! It pumps for us tirelessly throughout our lives. I am building an art project about the heart that will take me to the Florence Biennale this Nov. 30- Dec.8. I need your help to continue. Share your heart with mine!

Here’s my art campaign at

If you wish to donate click here…

Humungous thanks!

IMG_2064 IMG_2065 IMG_2066

the human heart in garments

the human heart in garments


OPEN SESAME- Florence, Italy project this winter’13

A work in progress that references the power of the heart.

A work in progress that references the power of the heart.

Recently I was in London, UK studying at Central Saint Martins. I took a course called CUTTING EDGE DESIGN which involved constructing a wearable conceptual garment from a dress form to then a person/model. It was challenging, we were encouraged to be ambitious and original and I made a great start. My project for this course is about the mystery of the human heart as an incredible engine that beats like a drum incessantly until we pass into another form, life or state of being. I am not only intrigued by the heart’s  relentless charge as a pumping mechanism,  but also how it balances with instability when compromised from the thrust of power through the hearts chambers. We contain and control an immense amount of apparent chaos and flow throughout our bodies. I think scientific research needs to view the heart as more than a device of suction and pressure and more as a kind of brain that responds to who we are as emotional and spiritual centers. After all it is in the central area of our upper body. And perhaps science does more than I know. But my current impression is that we keep trying to find emotional connectivity to living in our ‘brains’ instead. My perception and thinking might be medieval I admit but  I will research more and fill you in. Still one must admit as a species of Nature we are remarkably strong and delicate at the same time.

"OPEN SESAME"- a project about the 'oozing of the heart'.

“OPEN SESAME”- a project about the ‘oozing of the heart’.

The Red fabric here explodes and flows like a gushing river of blood
The Red fabric here explodes and flows like a gushing river of blood


Exploring fabric and concept in a wearable garment

Exploring fabric and concept in a wearable garment

This has a long way to go as my research deepens and expands on the magnificence of the human heart and our visual form. Like all projects that have to travel, in my case to the Florence Biennale, expenses accumulate which calls for fundraising this fall. In my next post I will share some of my drawing research and process of construction. STAY TUNED!