TO ARTEXPO NYC- come a few illustrations of my Blood Queen

silkscreen heart and layered

silkscreen heart on deep dark organza in front of a wine leather background

 No one’s heart really looks like this silkscreen, but my imagination has it this way for now. Lately I have been curious about manipulating an image of mass and musculature such as the heart into something quite ethereal, diaphanous, fragile, present yet unnoticeable. The heart has violent strength, solid and forceful, always on track so to present it as a veil of oddly connecting fibrous nerve and vessel endings flowing into the awkward ‘next’ does seem contrary to the perfect system it abides by. I am not a heart expert obviously, I approach ideas and life from a philosophical possibility, from instincts, research and a deep need to make something happen. While I am forever a sucker to figure and re-configure why I am living, a narcissistic habit that grounds me with the absurd, I am also quite taken about the amazing regularity, ordering and systematic tendencies our bodies perform and need. At dinner tonight my son, a fifth grader reviewed and explained our human biology: all the traps, tunnels, nasty liquids and bulbous solids …well Mom…the human species has it all going on…

"tea anyone?" asks the Blood Queen

The Blood Queen oozes, unravels and spills onto you and like a new blend of tea offers another savory moment

 The Royal Albert tea cups I used in my Open Sesame installation were the conjuror of these illustrations. Tea cups are ‘muy elegante’, they are divine vessels that carry the elixir of soothing temptations  and heart filling comfort. Tea with others or tea alone, having tea is dream time, surreal tranquility.

Having tea is anything but comforting

Flying tea cups buzz away like a centrifugal force, Open Sesame is opening…

Around 3 pm its time for a cuppa. An indulging flight towards sweet ecstasy…



Golden gestures, ornamental cover, text fused and worn

The tea ritual is very personal and yet we all know  it is also a communal and aesthetic performance; a collaboration with the cosmos. It is an art form to be respected by many cultures and one that I have grown up with in Anglo/Irish tradition. These last two mixed-media works present the tea cup in informal ways; they lack stability, order and predictability and flow in an odd rhythm. In the final illustration the floating topsy turvy cups have lost detail and their identity unlike the previous. There is something disconcerting about them but I shall resist having tea with the Mad Hatter for now and rest my appetite from the nonsensical.


alice in wonderland

tim burton- Alice in Wonderland



uniforms and uniformity

Uniformity  in a team sport such as speed skating is absolutely key to successful performance. Without the right balance, the right push, the right angles, the right timing of when to lead, pass and follow, the right attitude and with the right technology which is their entire athletic uniform the winning edge becomes vulnerable to a potential loss.


One singular option to move forward

Uniforms identify us. Shape, line and color of a second skin outline the body as perfect machinery to perform one task as a solid unit of energy.


a hungry glide 


Then there is the power of concentration-another kind of order in uniformity. Block out any distractions, or unnecessary doubts. Single-mindedness calls for airtight decision making while strategizing a flexible approach from any unpredictable glitch that tips the balance-  an understanding in synchronicity that I can’t even imagine.

hop skip and a jump

and with air


 However, the steps are learned, the mind practiced in winning, the body shaped and sculpted to fine impeccability, a dance no less than superb grace…

pursuit is the urge

PURSUIT is the urge


If we aren’t hungry in our gaming we won’t survive. No place for ambiguity only absolute clarity and determination. Then comes the knowing that you have it- the glee that is upon arrival…


grueling determination

Determined beyond 


 The flogging, sluggish and brutal reality of not giving up…

With all one's might

with all one’s might 


 and means finding one’s way back to that calling for harmony. There is unity of color, a triangular configuration in the variety of movements heading toward a common destination

In the groove of speed

In the groove of speed

 …where oneness has to be certain. Back to the groove and flow of togetherness…


Full Extension and balance of a moment

Full Extension and balance of a moment 


The strength needed to obtain full alignment, one’s every ounce and utter capacity of perfection.




The rhythm from every consequential moment to the next…


...and they're gone

and they’re gone

WHOOSH! see ya…

fantastic form and purposeful exertion attained in one long musical phrase of physical bliss.