Mari Velonaki- Robotic Figure in White


I just recently discovered Mari Velonaki an artist in emerging technologies and who is Director of The Creative Robotics Lab and Associate Professor at the  National Insititute for Experimental Arts in Australia .

Below is a robotic statue I think you will find impressive. She appeals to the physical senses a-typically, with virtually no signs of Classical Greek proportions.  ‘Attractive’ in a mysterious way she forces us to understand her intuitively not logically. How strange for an entity of artificial intelligence don’t you think?

What I love about Velonaki’s use of new media in Diamandini, 2013 is that we see the moments from initial impulse to ‘connect’ with erratic moments of silence in the movement between human and machine. Movement being sensory directed is her dialogue with human. Even though this contact is in a state of potential and is thus unpredictable, the interactions are poetic. Imagine we are with Diamandini.  I am convinced we would be immediately curious as to what is happening between ourselves and her together in a public space. She is by far so different from us. She is stiff like a porcelain doll and white as milk. She is a work in progress in that soon over the next few years other parts of her body will be less fixed and will perform with more motor control; for instance be able to touch.

As a figure I find her endearing, she has no language but feels like an innocent child roaming around new territory, carrying a trust into an unknown, vulnerable and socially unconditioned. Another feature of her in this stage which perhaps might change in her next phase is her neutral presence, like someone who ‘listens’ as if she hears the many unspoken conversations, or stories rambling through our head. Or even an uncanny ability to connect from a higher plane of consciousness, she is remarkable and so genuine.

Technology is like another kingdom of nature, it has been with us since we needed food, shelter and clothing. I think projects like Diamandini  are a wonderful reminder about the way we use technology- to serve us or to consume us? Either way it has equal potential to destroy and be innovative on a human level.

After seeing the video what did you notice? How do you think you would feel if this girl in white were to follow you in a public space? Do you find her threatening, amicable or a non-entity?

You can learn more about Mari Velonaki here:

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Aviation Garb

Aviation Garb is a particular league of its own








American pilot Amelia Earhart in her plane. Photograph: Popperfoto/Reuters

Aviation Garb is a particular league of fashion and I want more of it. Jumpsuits, boots, bomber caps (I got those going on) goggles, dust, oils, leather, pockets, zippers, numbers, dials, watches, radar contraptions, furs- you name it I want the sci-fi apocalyptic now. To make that happen I better first make a jumpsuit, A shirt and pant combo on the dock- airplanes can come later and we’ll be fine if they are made from paper or lego.

birds flying

birds in flight

Ever wonder about flying? Flying is a bizarre concept. What do you think of when you watch birds? where do they take you? The flight of birds is truly more perfect than that of the human made machinery of a plane. I never think of a bird’s vulnerability. Their speed, their efficiency, their grace seems incredible. If I was a bird flying would make sense. The human species is truly impressive when it comes to inventions however, we wouldn’t know what to design without our beloved nature. Science is nature, and humans manipulate the science to come up with extra-ordinary contraptions.  We are always imitating Nature’s perfections. Here’s to funky aviation technology-

flying machine of leonardo's

flying machine of Leonardo’s


beginning of a wing

beginning of a wing?

The complexity of aerodynamics, shape, and purpose hold the mysterious quality in birds. Observing the delicacy of the wings one realizes how miraculously engineered bird creatures are.

Stay tuned for my next sewing project- THE AVIATION SUIT- shirt and pant combo!